No restrictions apply when using your own aircraft, apart from whatever certified limits exist. The range of types utilised in the last ten years has been extensive, from motor-gliders to Warbird Trainers.

Best practice is always adopted to ensure due care and attention is paid to both airframe and engine limitations as well the most important factor - the pilot! This is particularly true with vintage and classic aircraft.

Modern state-of-the-art aerobatic machines have extraordinary structural integrity and reliable 'bullet-proof' powerplants. This allows a more carefree approach and immediately instils a sense of confidence from the first flight - knowing you are strapped into a purpose built craft made for the task at hand!
Extra 300 Series CAP 10b &c
Christen Eagle II Bulldog
Pitts S2 Series Decathlon and Citabria

The Extra 300L has been in continuous production since 1993 and still regarded as the World Championship winner in its latest variant called the 330SC. Although other makes have come up with better performance and agility, the Extra design is a time honoured benchmark composite hybrid aircraft that remains fully supported by the factory and retains worldwide certification.

The CAP 10b and it’s composite sister 10c is one of the best side-by-side aerobatic training aircraft. Simple to operate and completely forgiving in nature, it’s a wonderful and easy classroom environment.

The Pitts S2 and Christen Eagle series represent the second generation of aerobatic biplane design. It retains its appeal for Pilots who want a combination of proven, strong construction coupled with dynamic performance. Definitely an aeroplane needing good footwork, especially on the ground and accurate control inputs throughout its performance envelope.

SA Bulldog has many attractions, not least the fact it was designed for the RAF as a Primary Trainer. Very pleasant to fly and superb visibility out of a roomy side-by-side cockpit. Perhaps the biggest virtue is to bridge the gap in terms of performance between modern tail-draggers and conventional nose-wheel types.

For those of you new to aerobatics, the Decathlon and its smaller brethren Citabria provide an ideal learning platform, not only for Differences Training but stepping forward from the ubiquitous PPL student mounts like the Cessna 152.

In each case, these aircraft are available subject to arrangement and prior booking. They are not all at the same location either! If you have a particular enthusiasm for one of these aircraft, please specify in your initial enquiries.