In April 2018 the new European Aerobatic Rating became a mandatory Rating needed by anyone wishing to fly aerobatics. This rating is available as part of the EASA Flight Crew Licence and, for the first time, has become an internationally recognised competence that can be used on any EASA registered aircraft cleared for the purpose.

For those owners or pilots of non-compliant types (for example; warbirds, experimental category or older aircraft) the Rating is a useful and easily accepted method of recognition throughout member states.

A Training Standard has been published by the CAA on behalf of EASA, in the form of an Acceptable Means of Compliance. It is similar to the long established Certificate of Completion available through recognised Flying Schools as part of the AOPA Syllabus.

The big difference lies in simplifying the aerobatic requirement. For as long as 5 hours worth of aerobatic flight is recorded in personal log books, something like 15 - 20 sorties on average, and endorsements by Class Rating Instructors with aerobatic qualification, is sufficient for issue of the additional rating.

Download the PDF to see the full scope of the new aerobatic rating including the theoretical knowledge syllabus and flying training requirements.